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Upcoming Work
Music Videos - "988" & "Swing It" by Megn

in post-production.

music videos with singer/songwriter Megn for her post-Trump-era album about community struggles and women's empowerment

Past Work
Web Series - Black Panties, Ep 1, 4, & 7

A web series about women's intuition and black girl magic, created and produced by Francina Smith

Documentary - The Loud, Proud Voices of the Women's March on Washington

A mini-doc made while at the Women's March on Washington, D.C. on 21 January 2017. An updated version of this video was published on The Advocate magazine.

producer/director/cinematographer/editor: Katherine Filaseta
interviewer: Micah Herstand

production assistant: Miriam Richman

currently seeking funding.

queer twins of a deceased political figure become the unwanted scapegoat for a growing movement when a dangerous private conversation gets leaked online. 

Documentary - Carol & I

in post-production; seeking finishing funds.

a very personal film about the way the loss of control brought about by dementia transformed katherine's grandmother's relationship with both her family and herself. 

Music Video - Anti-Street Harassment PSA

A music video inspired by Bollywood depicts a woman walking down the street. This short public service announcement makes a statement about street harassment in New York City through a re-appropriation of the lyrics of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy".


starring: Molly Frantzen

music: cover of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" by Alycia Lang

producer/director: Katherine Filaseta
assistant director: Anita Singh

director of photography: Srinath Ravichandran

edited by: Abhinav Chintakunta & Katherine Filaseta

2016 official selection laurel nmff.jpg
MYHERO_iff_official selection laurel_black_2016.png
Music Video - "Freedom On Fire"

pw: megnmusic


Music video to song "Freedom On Fire" by Megn, shot, directed, and edited by katherine in a one-woman show as the artists were recording.

Music Video - My Penny

producer/director/cinematographer/editor: Katherine Filaseta
starring: Micah Cowsik-Herstand & Vidya Cowsik-Santosh
music: "My Penny" by Micah Cowsik-Herstand

production assistant: Gundeep Kaur

Music Video - pragati

प्रगति [pragati] : Hindi (noun), the act of progressing; forward movement. 
synonyms: progression, improvement, betterment, stride, march, growing, forwardness


feat. "Mauj ki Malhare" feat. Superwoman from Gulaab Gang


directed and edited by: Katherine Filaseta
choreographed by: Juliette Nieves
featuring Bollywood Funk dancers (in order of appearance): 
Kajal Gupta, Juhi Laungani, & Sandhya Rao
crew: James Guerra, Srinath Ravichandran


created for a filmmaking class at NYFA in NYC

Music Video - fallen.

feat. "Don't Let Me Fall" by B.o.B.


directed by: katherine filaseta

starring: katherine filaseta

crew: james guerra & srinath ravichandran


created for a filmmaking class at NYFA in NYC

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